"grinding kb!slots",
  "Also try Random Fun",
  "hacking the pentagon",
  "being coded",
  "spam everywhere",
  "stealing Komali's speedruns",
  "broadcasting ips",
  "downloading viruses",
  "pirating illegal software",
  "online school bad",
  "bypassing Captchas",
  "google's api is annoying",
  "express.js is amazing",
  "committing tax evasion",
  "ddosing zoom",
  "getting ratelimited",
  "c++ is annoying",
  "object oriented is peepoLeave",
  "so many console.warns monkaS",
  "oauth2 is bad >:(",
  "n1c3 h4x m8",
  "promises suck sometimes",
  "imagine using C#",
  "speedrunning school",
  "coding java in java indonesia",
  "js arrays \u003E c++ vectors",
  "UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning \u003E:(",
  "ES6 is POGGERS",
  "segmentation fault (?)",
  "clear && make && ./program",
  "let x: i32 = 10.3 as i32",
  "while(x-->0) { console.log(x);}",
  "why are ++ and -- not in python?",
  "!!!!!!!false == true",
  "connecting to websockets",
  "http error: code 418",
  "do people still use python 2?",
  "apt install komalibot-dev"